We are excited to share with you all the final designs for the building project.   We anticipate that the project will be completed by December 2018.   We are dreaming big here… and we will need to do some fundraising to pull it off.  But we believe that a building like this will play a key role in helping us realize our vision for serving our church and reaching our community for years to come.  To see several renderings, just scroll down below.

As of October 1st, 2018, we have received $318,750 in donations.  In addition to this, we are hopeful that one of our partner churches will be able to raise $40,000 in November for the building campaign.   So we only have $1,125 to go to meet initial goal for the pledge drive to complete the construction!  Praise God!  And thank you for your generosity.

But…. as mentioned in the previous update letter, during the process of construction we had some unforeseen costs arise.  Because of these unforeseen expenses, we have had to put a number of the finishing touches for the church on hold. To complete those finishing touches, we will need to raise an additional $62,606.  Below is a list of those “finishing touches”.  If you would like to contribute toward these final costs, or give toward a specific item, just follow the directions for donating at the bottom of the page.  Thank you!

TC Building Project- Finishing Expenses
Office- curtains, coffee table, love seat, book shelf $1,000
Fellowship Room- 2 Couches, end tables, TV Mount, curtains, curtain rods, $1,200
Fellowship Room TV ($400) $400
Youth Room TV ($400) $400
Youth Room- 1 Couch TV mount, curtains, $800
Children’s Rooms- 3 TV Mounts, curtains, curtain rods, $500
Shelving in church storage areas $2,000
Stage $5,000
Painting Roof $2,500
Water Tank/Water Pump/Pump Cover $8,000
Mini-Laundry Washer/Dryer $1,200
Stage Lighting $1,000
Landscaping $2,500
Porch fans with light upstairs $480
Porch fans with light downstairs(4) $480
Entrance Gate $5,000
Additional Surveilance Security Cameras $2,000
A/C Downstairs Hallway- 3600BTU $1,563
A/C Kitchen 2nd Floor- 2400BTU $778
A/C Sanctuary 2nd Floor- 60,000BTU. (X5) $7,805
Fencing around property $18,000

Tamarindo Church is currently receiving donation for the church building campaign through the IBCM Missions organization.  Donations can be made by check, wire transfer, or online donation.  To make your US tax-deductible donation, please CLICK HERE to go to the IBCM giving page, and follow their instructions for making a donation.

If you have any questions regarding making your donation, please contact Karen at IBCM.  214-868-6596.   If you have any questions about the building project, please contact Pastor Lyle at . 506-8868-0871

View from Entrance to Church

Top View of Top Floor- Including Bathrooms, Kitchen & Two storage rooms.