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Below you will find our current and past Sermon Series at Tamarindo Church. Just click the links that will take you to our Tamarindo Church Youtube Channel.

Exodus Chapter 1– Today we start a sermon series though the Book of Exodus in the bible. In the first chapter we are reminded of the bigger Story of God’s Plan for his people. And we also see the courageous and compassionate faith of women who are a huge blessing to God’s people in a time of oppression. Click Here

Exodus Chapter 2:1-10– In today’s passage we remember and see how God worked behind the scenes to rescue a child from danger and death amidst the oppression of Pharaoh over God’s people. In this we see God’s providence at work… much in the way he works in our lives. Click Here

Exodus Chapter 2:10 – In this section of Chapter two we encounter some heavy topics that are very relevant to our current events in the world today. Racial discrimination and oppression, abuse of power, muder, etc. While these are uncomfortable topics to think about, God’s word challenges us to wrestle with them. Join us as we do that together in todays sermon. Click Here

Exodus Chapter 3-4. God has called me to __________ . How would you finish that sentence? To live a life of autonomy is to live a life apart from God. God has a call on each of our lives. Join us as we explore what God’s call is… and is not. What is God’s call in your life? Click Here

Exodus 4- Have you ever seen that passage where God meets with Moses to kill him? Kinda scary. There are moments in life when we can experience God as unsafe and threatening to us. But thank God we can trust that he is good… always good… all the time. Join us us we unpack what this passage means for us and our faith. Click Here