Tamarindo Church Board
The Tamarindo Church Board serves Tamarindo Church by guarding the spiritual health of the church, giving oversight to the church finances, and making key decisions that affect the beliefs, mission, vision and values of our church.  Please feel free to read below to get to know the folks who currently serve in this role.


Andy Ahrens- Andy is married to Lydia Ahrens, and they have three children (Colson, Liam, & Adalyn.  Andy and his wife Lydia were part of the TC Board and the Pastor Advisory Group when Tamarindo Church was planted back in 2013.  They served Tamarindo Church in a variety of ways during our first 3 years of ministry in Tamarindo, they then moved back to the US.  Over the past year, Andy and family have moved to Tamarindo permanently.   Andy’s ministry background includes attending seminary at Corban University in Oregon, serving as preaching pastor at a church for 2 years in the absence of a pastor, leading Awanas/Kid’s Club during his earlier time at TC, and preaching at TC on occasion.  Welcome back to CR Ahren’s family! And thank you Andy for serving our church family as part of the TC Board.


Christa Niven-moved to Tamarindo about a couple of years ago…and she and her family have been plugged into the life and ministry of Tamarindo Church from day one. Christa and her husband have a heart of compassion… evident in the fact that I think they have fostered over 30-40 kids… and are fostering even now.  Christ was very involved in her church in the US helping organize home groups and community connection.  And now, in addition to her family serving in various places in the church, she runs Journey School… where I see her being the love of Christ on a daily bases with the kids and parents that she loves and serves there.


Bridget Uhler- has been supporting and serving Tamarindo Church from it’s beginnings.  She began bringing mission teams to serve Tamarindo Church and the local community from our first year in 2013 when we hosted a huge Spring Festival outreach here in Tamarindo.  Bridget served on the missions board of her church, and she also has been on our mission trips to Nicaragua with Tamarindo Church.  Over the years, Bridget and her husband time have continued bringing Teams from their church in California… and this year, they were finally able to make a permanent move to Costa Rica… to be here with us on the ground.


Paul & Dina Dreesen- Paul and Dina pastor and lead the International Baptist Church in San Jose, Costa Rica.  They have been dear friends and mentors to me and Stacey for many years as we’ve done ministry here in Costa Rica.  They have been leading IBC in San Jose, Costa Rica for about 15 years now.


Lyle and Stacey have been leading Tamarindo Church since they planted the church in 2013.  They love God and they love the community of Tamarindo, and have a vision for seeing God’s Kingdom advanced in Tamarindo and in the surrounding areas.