Tamarindo Church Update/Announcements- April 2016

Hello Friends,
We hope you all had a meaningful time celebrating the Resurrection with your church families.  There is so much depth to what we can reflect on regarding the Cross the Resurrection, and what they mean for us.  We have so many spiritual blessings in Christ that give us reason to celebrate.  Thank God for his grace and love for us!
Regarding updates on the church… there were a lot of great things that happened in March, so let’s jump into the update. 
We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter with our church family last Sunday.  There was a great turnout at church with many visitors as well as locals.
  After service, we gathered at the home of Derick and Angeline Smith who graciously hosted our annual Easter Cookout… for the third year in a row!  Thank you to everyone for bringing tasty side dishes and desserts.  And a special thanks to the Smith family, once again, for their hospitality.  
Earlier in the month, we held beach baptism down at the Tamarindo river mouth.  It was beautiful day as we celebrated the baptism of Alison Valverde, Catalina Qualls, and Colson Ahrens.  Blessings to each of you!  May you grow in your knowledge of God’s unfathomable love for you… and may you continue to grow as faithful followers of Christ.

Last month, we were also blessed to have Houston’s First Baptist Church serve in our community.  They started the week by worshipping with us on Sunday, and Malcom Marshall, the Minister of Assimmilation at FBCH shared a powerful message to our congregation. Then the team spent the next two days serving in the nearby town of El Llanito where they helped to paint the house of a local couple (William & Yorley), and put up drywall in the home of their parents (Adolfo & Benilda). They also held an outreach at the local elementary school and hosted a soccer Clinic led by Danielle Hollander.  Additionally, they helped Val at Las Playas Food Bank in distributing food to local families in need.  Thank you to First Baptist Houston and to all who were involved in blessing the community of El Llanito.

As many of you know, we have an awesome lady in our church by the name of Valerie Eschuck who runs the local Las Playas Food Bank.  She does such a great job identifying and helping to meet the needs of the poor in our community, and so… we support her as a church.  As we’ve worked with Val, I always ask “are there are any bigger needs?  Please let us know… we’d like to help.”.  Well, one of the needs we have been able to meet recently was building a home for a local woman (Francisca) who has a disabled child (Maryorie). Because of her disability, Maryorie needs full time care.  And because she needs full time care, her mother Francisca is unable to leaver her at home to go to work…. you get the picture.  In asking Francisca how we can help, she said that a big help would be if she had a permanent place to live. Paying rent was expensive, and moving from place to place was difficult for her. She desired to have place to call home. I shared this with our congregation on Sunday, and that morning we were able to raise over $1000!  In addition, one of our congregants, Cody Qualls, who is a builder… also expressed a desire to pitch in and helped in a huge way with materials and labor.  The short story is, we were able to bless Francisca with a new home!  Francisca would like to express her thanks to all who pitched in to give her such a huge blessing.

It has been so fun to look back on this month and see the ways that Jesus if alive in and through his Church.  Thank you to all of you for your prayers and for the many ways you contribute to the life of Tamarindo Church.  We couldn’t do this without you!

Lyle & Stacey
Sunday, April 24th
Join us on Sunday the 24th after Church for hanging out, pizza, and a swim in the pool at Monkey Bar/Tamarindo Best Western Vista Villas.  This is a great opportunity to connect with others in the church in a way that we just don’t get to do on Sunday’s after church service. Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel.  Hope to see you there!

Directions From Church: Drive toward Tamarindo.  You will see Best Western Vista Villas and Monkey Bar on your left.


Just want to let the ladies know that the date has been set for this year’s women’s retreat… so mark your calendars.  This year’s retreat will be a La Carolina Lodge.  Hope you can join us for a great weekend of fellowship and encouragement!  For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Stacey Watson at staceycostarica@gmail.com 
Youth Group-
Youth Group for students Grades 6-12
Being a young adult is not an easy road.  Life is hard, choices are many and challenging, and we want to create a space where teens and pre-teens can come together to encourage and support each other and where we can help point them to the true love of Jesus Christ.  Romans 8:38-39
We usually meet bi-weekly during the traditional north American school year to have fun, play games, eat food and grow together in our knowledge of Christ and his love for us.
Meetings in March will be:
(Please see the TC YOUTH Facebook Page
for information on this month’s meetings.)
For more information,
please contact Carolyn Herman ckhermanfam@gmail.com
or stay tuned on the TC YOUTH Facebook Page. 
We have dinner together every Sunday that we meet – if you want to volunteer to make something one night, please let us know!
Skate Club- Wednesdays @ 4:30pm
Skate Club meets every Wednesday @ 4:30pm 
Kids 6-10yrs welcome.  Skate session is followed by a
group bible study with the kids.
Location: El Mutante Skate Park, Playa Negra
Cost: $4.00  Schedule:  Contact Mike & Keilyn Krepin to
confirm if they are meetiing. 2652-9270/ keilyn07@hotmail.com
We will have extra skate boards, pads, and helmets… but if you have your own, please bring them.  We hope to see you there!
  • WHEN? Tuesdays@10am-11:30pm
  • WHERE? Meetings are at the Watson’s home.
  • For more info contact Stacey staceycostarica@gmail.com
  • or call 8706-7479
  • WHEN? Wednesdays @ 8:00am
  • WHERE? Come join us on Wednesdays 8AM at the French Bakery located across from the entrance to Best Western Vista Villas.  If you would like to come early and hang out over breakfast or coffee, several of us meet early at 7:30.
  • For more info contact pastor Lyle at lyletamarindo@gmail.com or call 8868-0871
Did you know that Tamarindo Church has a page where you can share your prayer requests with us.  On this page you have the option to have us keep your requests confidential, or to have us invite others to be praying for you.
CLICK HERE to check out the new page and submit your prayer requests.
Tamarindo Church Prayer Reqeusts

Please continue to pray for……
that God would guide us in our vision and strategy for reaching and serving our community.

Thanks to God for raising up more people to lead and serve on our ministry teams.  Please pray that God would continue build a sense of unity and family  among our core church members.

Thank you Father for meeting our needs this year through pledges and regular supporters!

That God would create a spiritual hunger in our community, and that we would see many come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

We are currently searching out properties for building a church in the near future.  Please pray that God would guide us to the right location, that we would get a great price, and God would provide the funds for the purchase.

For spiritual wisdom and direction as we lead the church.
– For Stacey’s new job in real-estate… that she would find balance between family, ministry and work.

For meaningful times together and healthy balance between family and ministry.

Payer over our family and our Ministry Team.