TC Update/Announcements- Jan 2020

Hey Friends,

Happy New Year!  We hope you all enjoyed your time together with family and friends over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  December was an action packed month at Tamarindo Church.  We enjoyed our annual sailing day together, celebrated three baptisms, and had a meaningful Christmas Eve rejoicing in the wonder of the Incarnation.   Coming up this month we have our Pizza Fellowship, Bingo Fundraiser for Nicaragua, Prayer Night, & Nicaragua Mission trip. Below you can find out the latest on those events…. and more about what’s coming up in the weeks ahead.  Be sure to scroll down to find out more details on upcoming events.


In early December, Tamarindo Church set sail for our annual sailing day.  It was a beautiful blue-sky day with perfect winds for hoisting the sails and enjoying God’s creation together with church family and friends from the community.  We had a great time of fellowship, snorkeling, and ended the day with a beautiful sunset.   Looking forward to next year’s trip already!


Just before we embarked on our annual sailing day… Gary, Abby, and Juta were baptized on the shores of Tamarindo Bay.  God’s presence was felt in a special way that day as we had an earthquake just as we were gathering to pray before the baptism.  Pretty cool.  Congratulations to Gary, Abby & Juta.  May God bless your obedience to His word, your service to His kingdom… and may He continue to deepen your relationship with Him.


Christmas Eve Service was packed this year with many visitors who were here to enjoy Christmas Costa Rica style.  This year we took time to reflect on a message of Immanuel… “God with us”… and the radical significance of what the incarnation means for our relationship with Him.  Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the event a success…. and a EXTRA special thanks to the music team who brought a spirit of celebration and worship through the songs.

Just wanted to give you a final update on our pledge drive for 2020.  So far we have reached $93,500 in pledges toward our budget of $125,600.  We are thankful to say that we are about 75% of the way there! For those of you who have already responded with your pledge… THANK YOU for making your pledge and helping us to continue to have an impact in our community in the year ahead.  

If you have not made your pledge already but are interested in doing so…. please go to our GIVING PAGE on our website for instructions on who to do that.  Or… click the two links below to learn more about the pledge drive…. and how to make your donation.  Thank you! Pledge Drive 2020: Part I  / Pledge Drive 2020: Part II


As we look to the months ahead be sure to read below about upcoming events and 

mark your calendars.  You can find out details about these events by scrolling down further in the newsletter.  

~ Pizza Fellowship  Tues, Jan 12th 

~ Bingo Fundraiser– Friday, Jan 17th

~ Prayer Night– Wednesday, Jan 22nd

Nicaragua Mission Trip- Jan 25-Feb 1

Scroll down to find out more info on all of these events.


Do you ever sometimes wonder what God is up to?  I mean… sometimes I feel like I am just going through the routine and rhythms of life and ministry without much fruit… or that things just aren’t going the way I’d envisioned or hoped for.  In those times, I’m just not sure God up to anything in my life… or in the ministry I’ve been called to lead.  It’s just been one of those moments for me… and I’ve been wondering what God is up to?  Do you ever sometimes feel that way?  But then… when I have the presence of mind to stop and take a moment to choose to focus on what we have to be thankful for… things become clearer… and I see that God is always on the move in ways that I just need to pause and reflect to recognize.  Like… 

  • When I remember church members in December… serving the needs of the poor by raising funds and delivering Christmas gifts and food bags to Las Pachotes barrio in Santa Cruz.
  • Or when I see new people regularly attending church on Sundays for the first time..   
  • Or when I get a text from folks from AA contact me to meet about using our church space for weekly meetings. (contact me for more info if you are interested).
  • Or when I remember there are few people in our church who have made a significant faith step in the past month… like being baptized.
  • Or when I see people sign up for their first, second… or third mission trip.
  • Or when I see people gathering around and praying for individuals and couples who are struggling.

God is on the move around us…. all of the time.  We just need to pause and take time think of what we have to be thankful for. It is always a blessing to recognize the subtle ways… and powerful ways… that God is moving in our lives, and moving in and through our church family.  

Thank you for your prayers and for all of the ways you give to the life and ministry of Tamarindo Church.  It is a joy and privilege to be partnered with all of you in this work God is doing in Tamarindo and beyond. 

Lyle & Stacey

Sunday, Jan 12th

Hey all…This Sunday, January 12th after church.  We will be hanging out after church for a time of pizza and fellowship together.  We hope to see you there!


Come join us at Playa Langosta’s Surf Club Bar & Grill for a fun night of Bingo… and raising funds for our Nicaragua Mission trip at the end of January.  Please help spread the word! @ Surf Club Bar & Grill

Wednesday, January 22nd
7:00pm @ Tamarindo Church

On Wednesday January 22nd, we will be hosting a prayer meeting at Tamarindo Church. Join us for an hour or prayer together as we pray for for our church, our community, and for requests shared among those gathered.   If you are unable to make the meeting but have a prayer request, please send your prayer requests to

January 27th-Feb 1st  
On January 27th, Tamarindo Church will be headed up to Cristo Rey in Nicaragua for our annual church mission trip.  This year, we will be spending a couple of days helping Funda Cristo School as well as building homes in the community.    
If you would like to be involved in making a difference in the community of Cristo Rey, please consider the following ways of helping.
1.  Come on the trip-  The dates for the trip are January 27th-31st.  If you would like to join us on the trip, please contact pastor Lyle Watson for more info.

2.  Pray for us & the community-  There are always a lot of logistical challenges and surprises on a trip in Central America.  Please pray God’s grace, wisdom, and protection on our group.  And please pray that our group would represent the love of Christ as we serve.  Please pray also for community leaders and pastors… that God would guide them on how best to love and lead their people in community development and spiritual renewal. 

3.  Give Financially- To accomplish various projects on the trip, we have a goal of raising $8,000 to build homes, distribute food bags, and purchase school supplies for Fundacristo School.  If you would like to contribute toward thise efforts, please make your donation through the Tamarindo Church Giving page.  Just make your donation to Tamarindo Church, and be sure to send a follow up email at to let us know that you would like your donation to be designated for the Nicaragua trip in January.  


FRIDAY NIGHTS– Join us for Youth Group every Friday, 7 – 8:30 pm at Tamarindo Church!  

Youth nights at Tamarindo Church create an environment where teenagers feel welcomed and feel safe to be themselves..  Each week, we start Youth Group with some crazy games… followed by a time of learning about God and how to apply God’s truth in their lives.  All 6th – 12th grade students are welcome!
SUNDAY MORNINGS– Teens can grow deeper in their faith on Sunday mornings at 10:00am where they have the opportunity to dive deeper into God’s truth together  at church.  Ages 13 and older welcome!

Join our facebook group “TC Youth” and follow our instagram account “tcyouthcr” to stay up to date on what’s happening!  Be sure to “LIKE” our Facebook page for Tamarindo Church Youth to stay updated on any changes in schedule or special events.  Click here to go to our page.  

For more information, contact Justin Novgrod: 8765-8310

From time to time, Tamarindo Church will have wants/needs for the church that we do not currently have in our budget.  If you would like to help by contributing toward any of the items below, please contact Lyle Watson:

  • Nicaragua Mission Trip Funding- As we approach our annual mission trip to Nicaragua, we are low on our fundraising goal of $8,000.  Our plan is to use these funds to build at least 2 homes, purchase school supplies and construction materials for a local school, and distribute food bags to the poor.  If you would like to contribute toward these efforts, just go to our Tamarindo Church Giving Page on our website at follow instructions on making a donation to the church.  Then shoot us an email to let us know that you would like your donation to go toward the Nicaragua mission trip.  Or… if you are local, contact Pastor Lyle for information on how to give locally.
  • New Chairs for the Sanctuary- We do not have any wish list items for this month, but we would like to say THANK YOU to those who contributed toward our new chairs in the sanctuary.  We now have sturdy, dependable, durable chairs that should last us for many years to come.  Thank you!

MUSICIANS WANTED – Has God gifted you with musical or technical talent that you want to use for His glory? If so, we are looking for people to join our worship team.  Whatever instrument you play, we’re open to give it a try.  Here are the first few steps for becoming part of the worship team…

  • Prayerfully consider your involvement.
  • Contact  expressing your interest. The email should include:
    • Musical or technical experience and skill.
    • The reason you are interested in joining the worship team.
  • Elizabeth, our worship team leader, will review your information and schedule time when you can join us for an audition. 

Please continue to pray for Tamarindo Church……TC VISION – That God would guide us in our vision and strategy for reaching and serving our community.

MINISTRY TEAM-  That God would grow our church board, staff and volunteers who serve at TC in unity of Spirit, in wisdom, and in humility as we serve Him.  Please also pray spiritual guidance and protection over our church leaders.  

VOLUNTEERS-  Thanks be to God for our volunteers who serve in many roles in the church. Please pray that God would give us discernment in finding the best places for individuals to serve… and that God bless our volunteers in their service to Him.

FINANCES- Praise God for his provision for our 2020 pledge drive so far.  We are 75% of the way there.  Please pray that God would meet the rest of our financial needs for 2020 through unforeseen gifts and Sunday offerings.

OUTREACH- That God would create a spiritual hunger in our community, and that we would see many come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  And pray for our church members to be sensitive to open doors to the love of Christ, to share the gospel, and to invite someone to church.


  • Prayer for our Bingo Fundraiser… that we would raise sufficient funds for our Nicaragua Mission trip at the end of January.
  • Prayer for protection over our team… and blessing over our preparations… and over our time serving the community of Cristo Rey, Nicaragua.
  • Prayer that our church family would be successful in engaging  and reaching unchurched folks in the community.
  • Prayer for deepened spiritual maturity and unity in the church body.
  • Prayer that God would use our church family to reach and bless the community around us.

Please pray spiritual wisdom and direction for Pastor Lyle as he leads the church.  For Stacey to find good balance between family, ministry and work.  For their children Olivia and Wolfie… that they would continue to grow to know, love, and serve Him.  Please also pray for spiritual protection over their family.