TC Updates/Announcements- July 2020

Hey TC Family,

We have exciting news!  This month we will be reopening Tamarindo Church  for services on Sunday, 

July 19th.  Please be sure to read the announcement below regarding the health guidelines for Sunday services.  And please be sure to fill out the online survey if you haven’t already.  The survey is for those who live here full time in Tamarindo.  

Also, we will soon be starting another Relational Wisdom 360 Course for anyone who would like to join us.  We have had a great time of learning, discussion, and growth together in the groups that we’ve already had.  We hope you can join us on the next course! Please read below to learn more about Relational Wisdom 360 and catch up on the latest on Tamarindo Church!

Please join us for online services on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM by going to Tamarindo Church Facebook Page .  Or… for those who don’t have Facebook, go to the Tamarindo Church welcome page on our website and you will find a Zoom link for our Sunday live services.    

Also… just a reminder. If you are not available to join us on Sunday mornings… you can always view the sermons later in the week as they will be saved to our TC Facebook feed. Just scroll down on our FB page posts until you find the Sunday sermon/video you missed.  Or if you don’t use Facebook, you can find them on our Sunday Sermons page on the TC Website.


As we look to the months ahead be sure to read below about upcoming events and mark your calendars.  You can find out details about these events by scrolling down further in the newsletter.  

~ Prayer Night
Join us for prayer or send in prayer requests for our Prayer Gathering on Tuesday, July 28th @ 6:30pm.  See more info below.

PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVEIn these times, there is so much unknown.   There is so much unknown about what the coming weeks and months …. and even years… will look like.  These “unknowns” include not only shifts in culture, and in politics, and in the economy.. but they also include shifts in our personal, everyday lives.  This means changes in our jobs, in our income, and in any prior visions or plans for what we thought our current or future lives would look like.  But while there is so much uncertainty about what’s to come, the scriptures remind us that the best thing we can to weather these “storms”, trails and uncertainties in life is to anchor more firmly into our faith. Jesus challenges his followers to think in this way when he reminds us that, while everything in this world is temporary and unstable, we have a firm foundation to anchor to in Christ.  We see this in the parable of the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7.  One builder built his house on the sand.  The other on the rock.  The same storm hit both houses.  The same wind and rain beat down on both houses.  The same stream rose to wash them away.  But only one was left standing.  It was of course the house of the person who built on the rock.  One of the foundational  truths that this passage teaches us is that God offers us a foundation on which we can build our lives that will never be shaken, moved, or destroyed.  A foundation that will keep us standing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… no matter what uncertainties or trials life puts before us.  In these uncertain times… may your faith be strengthened  as you anchor into Christ… our firm foundation. And may God lead us to those who are finding the storm to much to bear… so that we might testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our God… and extend His invitation to them…  to know him as their rock and foundation I these times as well.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.



We have great news!  The government of Costa Rica recently lifted restrictions for church gatherings, and we are planning to reopen the church again on Sunday, 

July 19th.  We are excited about being able to gather again… but before we do, we would like everyone to be informed about the precautions that we will have in place for everyone’s safety.  We know that the precautions are a bit restricting from our “normal” church experience, but we are just grateful for the opportunity to meet together again and we are very much looking forward to it!

 After viewing the precautions below, you will find a link where we ask that you PLEASE fill out the Tamarindo Church Reopening Survey below.  This survey will help us to better plan for our reopening.  Thank you!

For the safety of everyone, the restrictions/measures we will have in place during our services will be as follows….

  1. Everyone please wear a face mask.  Masks will be provided for those who don’t have one.
  2. Please refrain from hand-shaking and hugs. 
  3. There will be no singing (except from the stage) during worship.  Worship from your hearts and minds while prayerfully contemplating the lyrics!
  4. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at the entrance and other places in the church.   
  5. We will have seating in “pods” for individuals, families, and groups.  
  6. Please refrain from congregating in the church or out front of the church after service.
  7. Dismissal after church will be by sections so that we can avoid crowding at the entrance/exit of the church.

For those who are not comfortable gathering at church, please know that we will continue streaming services every Sunday via Zoom and Facebook… so you can still join us for worship online!

Please CLICK HERE to fill out the Tamarindo Church Reopening Survey.  

Thank you!  


All of us find relationships difficult at times.  Whether that’s with your coworkers, your parents, your children, or your spouse?   If you’d like to grow in your ability to have more healthy and fulfilling relationships with those you love or those you work with, then Relational Wisdom 360 will help.  In this course you will gain helpful insights into how you can cultivate better relationships in your life.  We will also be exploring topics such as emotional intelligence,  Self awareness, God awareness, Other awareness.  Check out the Relational Wisdom 360 website for more info.  And if you’d like to be a part of this course, please send Pastor Lyle an email let him know, and he will keep you posted on when we plan to run the course again.  This is all done online, so you can participate locally… or from abroad.  Hope you can join us!

Tuesday, July 28th 
6:30pm online via Zoom

On Tues, July 28th @ 6:30 we will be hosting a prayer meeting online via Zoom. Join us for an hour of prayer together as we pray for for our church, our community, and for requests shared among those gathered.   If you would like to join the meeting, please email/message pastor Lyle to let him know and he will send you the Zoom link for the meeting.   If you are unable to make the meeting but have a prayer request, please send your prayer requests to


Has God gifted you with musical or technical talent that you want to use for His glory? If so, we are looking for people to join our worship team. Whatever instrument you play, we’re open to give it a try.  Here are the first few steps for becoming part of the worship team…

  • Prayerfully consider your involvement.
  • Contact  expressing your interest. The email should include:
    • Musical or technical experience and skill.
    • The reason you are interested in joining the worship team.
  • Elizabeth, our worship team leader, will review your information and schedule time when you can join us for an audition.

Please continue to pray for Tamarindo Church……TC VISION – That God would guide us in our vision and strategy for reaching and serving our community.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit would give us creativity on how to do this best in our current context of the pandemic and social distancing.

MINISTRY TEAM-  That God would grow our church board, staff and volunteers in unity of Spirit, in wisdom, and in humility as we serve Him.  Please also pray spiritual guidance and protection over our church leaders.  

VOLUNTEERS-  Thanks be to God for our volunteers who serve in many roles in the church. Please pray that God would give us discernment in finding the best places for individuals to serve… and that God bless our volunteers in their service to Him.

FINANCES-  Please pray that God would meet the rest of our financial needs for 2020 through unforeseen gifts and Sunday offerings.  Pray also that God would give us wisdom in being good stewards of the resources he has given us.

OUTREACH- That God would create a spiritual hunger in our community, and that we would see many come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  And pray for our church members to be sensitive to open doors to the love of Christ, to share the gospel, and to invite someone to church.


  • Prayer that God would raise up a team of prayer warriors for our monthly prayer meetings.
  • Prayer for God’s continued blessing over the new church community in Los Pochotes.
  • Prayer for the barrio of Cristo Rey Nicaragua… for God’s provision and protection over our friends there during this pandemic.
  • Prayer that God would use our church family to reach and bless the community around us.

Please pray spiritual wisdom and direction for Pastor Lyle as he leads the church.  For Stacey to find good balance between family, ministry and work.  For their children Olivia and Wolfie… that they would continue to grow to know, love, and serve Him.  Please also pray for spiritual protection over their family.