TC Update/Announcements- November 2020

Hey TC Family,

Just wanted to give you all an update on what we’ve been up to during my Sabbatical.  This definitely isn’t the Sabbatical that I had envisioned or planned, 

but it is turning out to be exactly the Sabbatical I needed- in ways I could never have foreseen.  Repeatedly… Stacey and I have shared with each other how thankful we are for how God has “hijacked” (haha) my original plan for Sabbatical… and implemented His.  I’m guessing some of you can relate, and I hope you are seeing God’s hand move for good in your lives in unexpected ways this year too.

We began our time on Sabbatical quarantining together as a family… working online and homeschooling for two weeks… prior to seeing Stacey’s parents in TN.  

We had to quarantine before seeing her parents because of Stacey’s dad’s compromised immune system. It was a sweet time with just the four of us slowing down, making meals together, and connecting.  When Stacey’s parents joined us… we had a good time playing cards, catching up, looking at old photos, and cruising on the lake in their boat.

Next- while we were still in quarantine mode- we headed straight to Virginia Beach, VA. to visit with my (Lyle’s) family to be with my folks.  Some of you may know that my mother has dementia and that her 

symptoms have been worsening over the past year.   Our goal over the past year (and during this Sabbatical) has been to spend extra time with my mom while she is still with us… mentally.  She still recognizes us, and we are still able to look at pictures together and carry on basic conversations.  Most of the time my mom is okay… but we have witnessed a couple of episodes that really opened my eyes to the severity and intensity of this disease… and the difficulties that come with caring for someone with advanced dementia.  I’m incredibly grateful for the time we have had… and that we will have together… in December.  If you think to pray for us… please pray for my mom and dad.  This is a very difficult season for our family.  

After spending two weeks in Virginia Beach, we were off to visit with more family in Asheville, NC, 

and in Knoxville, TN followed by a long road trip to Texas… where we are now.  Our friends John and Donna Williamson have graciously allowed us to camp out at their lakehouse for the month as we homeschool the kids.  While here, we have been able to visit John and Donna’s home church, Life Austin.  And on the Sunday we visited, it happened to be Mission’s Sunday, and John gave a presentation about Fundacristo… the school and ministry that Tamarindo Church supports 

in Nicaragua.  John invited me to be at the table with him after service to answer questions folks may have about the ministry.  Pretty cool how God lined that one up.  Thank you John and Donna for your genorosity to us, to Tamarindo Church, and for being an advocate for God’s work in Nicaragua.
One other thing worth mentioning is that, during our Sabbatical, we have had opportunities to visit with 

several of our friends who financially support Tamarindo Church.  Over the years, many of our friends and partners in ministry have said to us… “If you’re ever out our way, come visit”.  Well, this Sabbatical has given us opportunities to do just that.  And we are thankful for the time we have had to connect on a more personal level with some of our friends… and to get to know a bit more about their lives and ministries back in the U.S.  Without the prayers and support of folks like these, the ministry of Tamarindo Church would not be possible.  Thank you!

Between now and the time of our return to Costa Rica in January we will be staying with family, and I (Lyle) hope to get away for a time of solitude and prayer.  Please keep us in prayer for safe travels, meaningful time with family, and to hear clearly from God in our lives and ministry. Know that we are praying regularly for you all. If you need any special prayer or have anything going on that we can help you with, know that we are here and would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, please continue to tune into the on line TC Service with our sister church IBC in San Jose as Pastor Paul preaches his relevant and timely sermon series “Be the Church”.  We are encouraged to hear how you are “being the church”: continuing to check in with one another, meeting for fellowship in homes and out at restaurants, praying for and encouraging each other.  Know that we love and miss you guys and look forward to being together with you again soon.  

Pastor Lyle

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